Launching Into New Recruitment Opportunities

Find out how we helped flight school TVSA succeed.

Industry: Education

Company Size: X+ employees

Locations: Melbourne

Services Rendered:

  • Recruitment

3 candidates sourced in one month.

Company Overview

TVSA is Melbourne flight school committed to training the next generation of Australian pilots. 

Operating for over 35 years, they offer a range of nationally accredited diplomas and private courses, including courses for commercial pilot licences.  They also help existing pilots upskill with multi-engine, aerobatics, and flight instructor courses.

What Was Wrong

TVSA had previously hired new staff by running ads on Seek.  Unfortunately, with the rise of so many online jobs platforms, simply advertising a position online wasn’t enough for them to get through to the right people.

For one executive-level role (RTO General Manager), they’d run Seek ads for five months, which, while expensive, had only attracted a handful of unqualified candidates.

So they reached out to us.

We operate in a niche industry and require staff with a very specific skillset. HR Solutions found us the ideal team member with ease. The entire process was seamless and very efficient which is a pleasant surprise from previous experiences.


What We Did

Within a month of being brought on board, we supplied TVSA with three top candidates who all had the right experience and the right qualifications.

We used our head-hunting experience and industry connections to proactively find suitable.  It was those two things – knowing who to approach, and knowing how to approach them – that differentiated us from platforms like Seek and even other recruitment agencies.


TVSA hired one of our candidates, and they’ve never been happier.  The manager they hired was a perfect fit, both culturally and skills-wise, which has allowed the organisation to excel in day-to-day operations.

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