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Getting a job you love can be difficult. 

Navigating the recruitment process, competing with hundreds of other applicants, and receiving a salary that matches your worth is time-consuming, emotionally draining and deeply challenging.   

That’s why we’re here to help you succeed.  From job search to contract signing, we’ll work with you to get the outcomes you want.

As a dedicated HR and recruitment firm, we know exactly what prospective employers are looking for – our application- and interview-ready services help you tick the right boxes and get your foot in the door.

Just as importantly, we’re an objective third party with a single goal: to help you get the job you want.  When you’re living with job-search fatigue or you’re struggling to present your skills and experience in the right way, our consultants will do the work for you.

We can also help accelerate career progression by identifying job pathways, negotiating salaries, and providing career development advice.  Growth begins by seizing opportunities, and we’re here to make that happen.

It’s time to take the next step in your career.

Get application-ready.

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LinkedIn Profile Reviews

If your LinkedIn profile isn’t optimised for prospective employers, you’re missing out. 

Studies show 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn, with roughly 122 million candidates receiving interviews through the site.

We help you prepare your profile by positioning as an ideal candidate in your profile picture, bio and headline.  As recruiters and HR professionals, we know exactly what top companies look for in their candidates – and we tailor your profile to those standards.

We’ll also use search optimisation techniques to get you found more easily.  Integrating keywords that recruiters regularly search can increase your visibility and improve your chances of receiving an organic offer.

Resume Creation & Reviews

With remote work on the rise, employment opportunities are increasing – but so is competition for jobs.

Most recruiters receive hundreds of applications per job, so they use software known as applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to automatically screen every applicant and present them with the best candidates.

To get a human to look at your resume, you get past the algorithm.  As developers of our own bespoke job search software, we know exactly what ATSs look for, so we know the right job titles, skill sets and formats to optimise for.  You already have the right attributes, but we’ll to express them in a way that makes sense to a machine.

Ultimately, though, hiring decisions come to people – to HR professionals like us.  That’s why we’ll also make sure your resume looks and sounds amazing.

One of our HR specialists will work with you to learn about your experience, skills, achievements, and career goals.  Once we understand where you want to go, we’ll craft a resume that presents your employability in a compelling, authentic way.

Cover Letter Editing Services

Submitting a cover letter with grammar and spelling errors increases your chances of rejection.

Various studies have shown that poor-quality writing and errors result in recruiters forming negative perceptions of candidates, making it less likely that those candidates will receive interviews.

We’ll work with you to review and edit your cover letter so you can put your best foot forward.  Our specialist time can help with two different types of editing:

  • Proofreading (checking for any typos, missing punctuation, or other simple errors)
  • Copy editing (polishing your sentences and making your words more appealing)

Applying for a job is time-consuming and emotionally draining, so give each application your best shot.

Talk to us, and we’ll help you create a polished, error-free cover letter that recruiters love.

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Get interview-ready.

Advance your career through confident interviewing that answers questions in the right way.

Interview Coaching

We give you the confidence you need to succeed in interviews.

The candidates who succeed in interviews are the ones who come across as professional, capable, and effective team members.  If you’ve received an interview, you’re probably all of those things – but you need to make sure that the recruiter sees those qualities too.

Preparing for interview questions and techniques helps you get comfortable in interview situations, which makes handling live scenarios easier and less stressful. 

Answering questions in the right way is also important.  Many interview styles – especially behaviour-based interviewing – involve open-ended queries that require thoughtful answers.  As recruiters ourselves, we know which questions you’re likely to be asked, so we can help you prepare with both specific responses and generalised answering techniques. 

We’ll also show you how to successfully navigate pre-employment tests, like psychometric, personality, and aptitude tests.

Get employer-ready.

Set yourself up for success in a new role.

Professional References

Your professional references are critical for establishing credibility with recruiters.

Unfortunately, many referees don’t have the time to write up the kind of detailed references that showcase your ability as an employee. 

We make it simple for your referees to support you by writing detailed reference letters that position you in the best possible light.  We’ll set up a short interview with each referee to get their side of the story.  Once we’ve finished putting together an appropriate reference, we’ll send it to them for editing and approval.

Our professional references save your referees time and effort – and, most importantly, make it easy for you to get detailed references that you can use to support your application.

Salary Negotiation

Receiving a salary that aligns with your worth as an employee is essential, both for your job satisfaction and your personal finances.

But negotiating a higher salary once you’re already employed can be difficult.

That’s why the best time to reach an agreement on your salary is during the interview process.

Many candidates have difficulty talking to their prospective employers about their salary – the last thing you want your interviewer to think is that you’re just ‘in it for the money’, but you also don’t want to accept an offer that undervalues your skillset and experience.

Our HR specialists will coach you on the tactical components of salary negotiation, including key aspects like:

  • The right time to discuss salary during the interviewing process
  • The right salary range for your industry, experience, and skills
  • Crafting a successful argument for a higher salary
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Putting forward a counter-offer

Don’t settle for pay that’s ‘just okay’.

Get the salary you deserve.

Career Coaching

Finding a job can be hard. 

Finding a job that you love is, for many people, even more difficult.

Our career coaching service has two key functions:

  • Helping you overcome barriers to successful employment
  • Accelerating your career through goal identification, upskilling, networking, and other strategies

We believe in a results-driven approach, which means we’ll help you identify concrete actions that you can take to move towards career objectives.

For some people, upskilling in an appropriate area can be enough to secure them the job they want.  For others, emotional and psychological considerations need to be examined and worked through to facilitate successful career progression.

In every case, our goal remains the same: enabling you to find and secure a job that you love.


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