Talent Acquisition

Finding the Right Talent

Finding the right talent for your organisation is a big decision.

Your people shape your success – poor hiring decisions can be costly.

But we don’t think talent acquisition should take up weeks of your team.

You should be able to find good people without wasting days on interviews and applicant screening.

So we developed the Talent Spotlight.

It’s a unique presentation software that compiles the results of our end-to-end recruitment process, allowing you to quickly identify the strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability of each candidate.

You get all the benefits of a comprehensive hiring process, without spending time screening every candidate yourself.

It’s time to make your talent acquisition as efficient as possible.

Talent Spotlight
We help organisations big and small find the right people.

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting should be about creating a match between an individual and a company, not just sending through résumés.

That’s why we offer end-to-end talent acquisition services, streamlined to make recruitment as efficient as possible.

  • 1. We establish your needs.  What are the role requirements, and what are the cultural and operational requirements of your organisation?

  • 2. We find talent.  We’ll advertise compelling job descriptions in key locations to source prospective employees. Headhunting top talent and accessing our comprehensive database.

  • 3. We screen the talent.  Our talwent specialists are trained to screen out the red flags with screen calling and online interviews.  

  • 4.  We compile a talent spotlight for you.  This includes video interviews and resumes.

  • 5. We organise in-person interviewing, test, or trials for your preferred talent. We also conduct reference checks and support you with employment agreements and salary negotiations. Find the right person, fast, without ever compromising on talent quality or taking up your time.

The Talent Spotlight

When you’re hiring, finding prospective employees is only half the challenge.

It’s the other half that takes up most of your time – arranging and conducting the interviews and pre-hire tests that separate good candidates from exceptional ones.

We don’t believe in just handing over a list of names and making you do the work.

That’s why we created the Talent Spotlight.

It’s a unique presentation software that compiles candidate information into a single, easy-to-read document, accompanied by a video recording of their interview.  We’ve designed the Talent Spotlight to simplify the decision-making process, so you can scan quickly through each profile without spending hours asking questions and running tests in person.

  • Candidate Summary

    Each candidate profile includes a summary of their personality, experience, and professional skillset.

  • Interview Video

    Watch how the candidate responded to questions from our recruitment experts in a video recording of their interview.

  • Skills Outline

    Our Skills Outline provides clear details about the candidate’s soft skills, hard skills, and apparent suitability for the role.

  • Our Recommendation

    We provide a definitive yes/no recommendation as to whether the candidate is the right match for your organisation.

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HR Solutions offers solutions for all levels of involvement, we can do the whole process for you, or simple provide you with the tools and advice to do it yourself.

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How IT Firm PingCo Used the Talent Spotlight to Cut Down Hours Spent on Recruiting by 95%

Established in 2012, PingCo is a leading Australian provider of B2B IT solutions, focusing on direct-routed Teams Calling through their unique platform, TCAP.

PingCo managers were spending 30+ hours on finding and interviewing candidates for IT and sales roles – and it was impacting the business’s performance.


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