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How Fitness Franchise 20v Expanded Across Australia With Our HR Systems

As a startup operating in a high-risk industry, EMS training franchise 20v needed a suite of robust HR systems that protected both them and their staff.

We helped 20v maintain compliance across multiple locations through everything from onboarding procedures and employee agreements to conflict resolution.

HR Policies

What Was Wrong: 20v needed HR systems to protect them and their staff.

What We Did: We created a full suite of systems to accommodate their growing, multi-location brand.

The Result: 20v have franchises in three different locations across Australia; the systems we created have helped them maximise their human capital and facilitate organisational growth.

How Flight School TVSA Hired 3 Candidates With Us

TVSA is Melbourne flight school committed to training the next generation of Australian pilots. 

Operating for over 35 years, they offer a range of nationally accredited diplomas and private courses, including courses for commercial pilot licences.  They also help existing pilots upskill with multi-engine, aerobatics, and flight instructor courses.


What Was Wrong: The rise of so many online jobs platforms, simply advertising a position online wasn’t enough for them to get through to the right people.

What We Did: We used our head-hunting experience and industry connections to proactively find suitable.

The Result: TVSA hired one of our candidates, and they’ve never been happier.  

3 candidates sourced in one month

How IT Firm PingCo Used the Talent Spotlight to Cut Down Hours Spent on Recruiting by 95%

Established in 2012, PingCo is a leading Australian provider of B2B IT solutions, focusing on direct-routed Teams Calling through their unique platform, TCAP.

PingCo managers were spending 30+ hours on finding and interviewing candidates for IT and sales roles – and it was impacting the business’s performance.


What Was Wrong: Recruitment was taking far too long, and no viable candidates were being sourced.

What We Did: We used our extensive recruitment experience to find suitable talent, before presenting a select number of applicants to the client via the Talent Spotlight.

The Result: Since being brought on board, we’ve placed six different roles for PingCo. The time they spend on recruitment has dropped from 30+ hours to an average of 1.5 hours per candidate.

95% reduction in hours spent on recruiting.

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