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Your LinkedIn Profile is the first thing a recruiter is going to look at after reading your resume. The way you present yourself on this platform is so important as a 30 second scan through your profile could determine whether you will be progressing to the next stage.

Here is what we are looking for;

First impressions are key and the first thing we are going to see is your profile picture. We want to see a professional shot, not a snap from a night out. Understandably not everyone has had their photos taken by a professional, but this is no excuse. We live in a day and age where people have smartphones with an amazing camera. Put a fresh shirt on, find a room with some nice light, and get your friend or family member to take a photo.

Next, we read your summary. It needs to be a punchy summary of yourself at the top. This short paragraph should capture a bit of your personality, values, profession, and skills. This is your elevator pitch or how I like to put it, your ‘hook’. Reel us in to read more!

Experience is next down the page. This section is the MOST important part of your LinkedIn Profile. We want to be able to read your previous experience as if it were a story. Where you started, where you learnt your skills, and where you are today. Mention your key responsibilities and achievements within your past roles. As we do not have time to read every word of every applicants LinkedIn Profile, break these points up so they are clear and easy to scan, using headings and points.

Have you had many short-term roles? In that 30 second scan we might become suspicious about your reliability. Be clear about the role and if it was a contract or a full-time permanent position. If you have nothing to hide, you will even include your reason for leaving!

Your education, we want the complete picture of you. Put in your current and past education, including certificates and any qualifications you have received through upskilling yourself. If you have been stood down or made redundant during Covid, we love to see if someone is keeping their mind active by doing a short course.

Extracurricular comes last to round off the picture. List any of your volunteer roles as it shows your passions and personal values.

Click HERE for an example

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