Taking the Difficulty Out of Specialist Roles

Find out how we helped IT firm PingCo succeed.

Industry: IT

Company Size: X+ employees

Locations: Melbourne

Services Rendered:

  • Recruitment


95% reduction in recruiting time.

Company Overview

A Melbourne-based IT firm, PingCo focuses on providing remote work solutions to wholesalers, partners, and businesses.

PingCo is a national leader in Microsoft Teams Calling solutions.  Its unique software, the Teams Calling Automation Platform (TCAP), allows non-IT users to set up Teams Calling in just 15 minutes, making VoIP solutions more accessible than ever.

What Was Wrong

As a highly specialised IT firm, PingCo had unique role requirements that made finding the right people difficult.  Their lean firm structure and staff proximity meant a cultural fit was essential, but a high proficiency in technical skills was also necessary.

As a result, PingCo’s managers were spending over 30 hours on finding, reviewing, and interviewing each candidate – only to find that they weren’t the perfect fit.  The excessive time spent on recruiting was consuming managerial resources, and each day that went by without essential roles being fulfilled was costing the firm money.  

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What We Did

Since being brought on board as PingCo’s dedicated recruiter, we’ve fulfilled six different IT and sales roles for them by sourcing and recommending excellent talent. 

To make sure we find the perfect fit, we take the time to sit down with department heads and find out exactly what they’re looking for.  Once we’ve crafted a role description, we’ll send it to them for approval, then use a combination of advertising and head-hunting to source talent. 

Finally, we streamline the interview and candidate presentation process with the Talent Spotlight, making it simpler for PingCo’s leadership to identify the best people for their team.      

The Result

After we fulfilled two hard-to-place IT roles in quick succession, Edmund Lau, PingCo’s COO, commented “I don’t know why we didn’t hire you sooner.”

The use of our Talent Spotlight has helped cut down the hours PingCo’s team spend on hiring; they’ve gone from 30+ hours per candidate to just one and a half hours.  This has freed up internal resources and significantly streamlined the hiring process.

Just as importantly, PingCo have found a recruiting agency they can trust.  Delivering in one of the most unpredictable areas of business – human resources – can be difficult, but, when done consistently, it can lead to a long-lasting relationship and peace of mind for the client.

Naomi at HR Solutions was very friendly and helpful throughout the recruitment process. She responded to any questions quickly and made sure I was always in the loop. A great service that helped me start my career!

Josiah Sonsie

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