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Making talent acquisition easier through technology.

Most recruitment agencies hand off the time-consuming parts of recruiting (reading through resumes, first round interviews and applicant testing) to their clients.

We don’t.

We use our unique Talent Spotlight to help you find the right people, fast and with minimal time commitment needed from you.

It’s software that presents recorded interviews, summaries, and more in an engaging, user-friendly format, allowing you to easily identify which candidate is best suited for the role and your company

All interviews are conducted by our recruitment specialists – you get the benefits of our field-tested interview techniques, without spending hours sitting face-to-face with candidates.

Find out how the Talent Spotlight can transform your recruitment process.

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Keeping you compliant

Ensuring compliance through strategic partnerships.

When we founded HR Solutions, we wanted to create something different:

A HR agency with the necessary capabilities, but without the divided focus of a multi-function agency.

We needed to give our clients expert advice – both from HR and compliance perspectives.

So we partnered with boutique commercial law firm and a payroll firm to provide you with the experts for any HR need.

Using our respective specialisations, we help clients excel across every aspect of HR, while still making sure that legislation is being fully complied with.

When necessary, we’ll always give you the option of having your HR materials reviewed by an expert in workplace law, so you can feel confident that you’re doing things by the book.


Communication is key

Changing organisations through meaningful relationships.

Every human enterprise begins with a relationship.

People, joined by a common vision, a shared goal, a desire to build something together.

As organisations grow, the need for meaningful relationships remains.

Between co-workers.  Between management and staff.  Between departments.  Between the entity and the people who comprise it.

That’s why everything we do is aimed at creating and strengthening relationships.

From finding the right match for a role to amicably resolving conflicts, we want to bring people who share something closer together.  We take a relationship-focused approach to HR, which means we put human outcomes at the forefront of all our services.

Skill is essential.

Commitment is necessary.

But, without unity, an organisation can’t succeed.

To build something amazing, you need to first create meaningful relationships.


Start managing your HR more efficiently.

Our talent acquisition services match the right talent to the right organisations faster and more effectively than traditional recruitment methods.

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