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Interview preparation is the key to success. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Ensure you have thought of the questions you have for the employer, have a full understanding of the role you are interviewing for and be prepared to answer some of those tough behavioural questions.

Research is key! It is very important that you understand the company, their values, and their goals. Find out who the company’s main competitors are, use LinkedIn and Google to uncover the state of the company and where they sit in the market.  And lastly, do some research on the company culture. If you find the last 3 people in the role only stayed for
2 months, it could indicate a red flag!

Body language speaks more than you may think… Dress to impress, always make eye contact, and  relax, remember you are interviewing this company to decide if you want to work for them, as much as they are interviewing you. You have a choice not to work their too, use this knowledge to build your confidence and settle those nerves. 

Showing interest in the role will keep the interviewer engaged. Tell them what made you apply for the role and let them know what you can bring to the table. What makes you the best candidate for the role? Identify your key skills and attributes and be prepared to give an example for each of these selling points.

Prepare yourself for behavioural questions, such as, ‘tell me about a time where you have made an error’. You may feel under pressure, however, remember the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

  • Situation – Describe a situation
  • Task – Explain the task you had to complete
  • Action – Describe what you did in the situation
  • Result – What happened as a result of your actions

The interviewer is not the question master! Come prepared with some questions about the company and the culture. Some good examples are below.

  • Why is the position available?
  • What sort of training is provided?
  • What is the opportunity for growth within the company?
  • Why do you enjoy working for the company?

After your interview, you will unlikely hear back from them within a few hours. The hiring process can take a while for some companies and you probably don’t know how many other candidate’s they are meeting. However, if you are offered the position, you also shouldn’t feel like you have to give them an answer within a few hours!

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