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As an external HR agency,  we bring three things to the table.

Extensive cross-sector experience. 

Unbiased, independent advice. 

Finely honed processes that help organisations thrive.

Guided by our values, we’ll work with you to take care of your most critical resource: the people who work for you.  We want to help your organisation succeed, and our personalised approach to HR is designed to make that happen.

Building something amazing starts with the right people.

We’ll take care of the people.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding are both processes designed to make employee transitions as smooth and effective as possible.

Onboarding helps newly acquired talent move into their role by:

  • Ensuring physical necessities like swipe keys and workspaces are accessible
  • Obtaining key payroll information quickly
  • Providing access to essential systems and programs
  • Connecting the employee to internal resources
  • Clearly communicating operational and cultural expectations

Offboarding makes role succession easier by:

  • Arranging exit interviews for the departing employee
  • Terminating the departing employee’s accesses as soon as appropriate
  • Making sure key information and contacts are properly delivered to the successor
  • Finalising payroll for the departing employee

Good onboarding and offboarding processes are essential for employee retention and smooth role handover.  You want new employees to feel confident they’ve made the right choice – and you need to make sure you’re not leaving your business vulnerable when key staff depart.

We help organisations streamline their onboarding and offboarding processes to make transitions as seamless.  Setting up clear procedures means each step of the process is systematic, reducing the workload of you and your HR managers. 

The benefits?  Good onboarding means less wasted time and better culture uptake.  Smart, offboarding, by contrast, allows you to collect honest feedback about your culture and work practices.

Opportunities need to be seized, not ignored.

It’s time to start using employee transitions to improve how you operate.

Performance Management

Great business outcomes rely on good performance management.

Without an understanding of crucial metrics, it’s impossible to measure your employees’ effectiveness – which makes it equally impossible to help them improve.

We often see problems with performance management across three areas:

  • Meaningless metrics that don’t really correlate to business outcomes
  • Counterproductive metrics that discourage employees from excelling
  • Targets that are too high or too low

We help you manage performance more effectively by defining metrics and targets that drive action. 

Our HR specialists will work with relevant stakeholders, like department managers and technicians, to identify realistic options, and we’ll also help you set up tracking and reporting processes.

When employees consistently underperform, we can help you explore management options such as professional development, redeployment, and dismissals.

Performance management isn’t about forcing your staff to keep up with impossible KPIs.

It’s about working towards goals as a team, and using data to identify opportunities for improvement.

Mentoring and Coaching

A successful workforce requires two key components: good technical teams, and competent managers who know how to run and strengthen those teams.

Management is more than just managing workflows and keeping projects on track.  It’s also about developing your people, which should lead to:

  • Improved employee and team performance
  • Better employee engagement and retention
  • Greater focus and achievement of organisational goals

Good management means listening to your employees.  It means challenging them.  Above all, it means inspiring them to be better. 

Not every person you promote is a skilled manager – but, with the right mix of coaching and mentoring, that’s exactly what they can become. 

Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, we’ll help your managers become more effective leaders that know how to get the best out of their people.  Our three-part approach involves:

  • One of our HR specialists will take the time to understand the unique challenges faced by individual managers.
  • Together, your manager and our specialist will develop actionable ways they can improve their management skills. This collaborative approach grants managers agency during the coaching process.
  • As your manager starts to implement the advice of our specialist, we’ll review their progress during regular, one-on-one sessions that incorporate feedback from other stakeholders.

Organisational success requires good technical skills – and even better management.

It’s time to start getting the best out of your people.

Grievance Investigation and Conflict Resolution

Workplace grievances are inevitable in businesses of all sizes.

For the benefit of you, your organisation, and your employees, it’s important to have clear HR policies in place.  Employees need to feel comfortable about formally lodging a complaint internally, or they could pursue options outside the workplace.

Even if you do have a proper grievance policy in place, though, investigating a grievance and resolving it is often complicated.

Our HR specialists can act as unbiased third-party representatives, removing potential conflicts of interest and distancing you from involvement.  Just as critically, we assess every grievance through an interdisciplinary scope, considering likely impacts from reputational, operational, and legal perspectives.

We can also assist with resolving disputes through conflict resolution processes like mediation. 

By facilitating an open dialogue between involved parties, we help create agreement around shared views – with the right guidance, this approach can lead to the restoration of a respectful, productive, and healthy relationship.   

Properly investigating and resolving conflicts is essential.

Don’t put yourself and your employees at risk.

Employee Surveys

In 2021, around 80% of workers were found to be open to changing jobs – up from 50% in 2020.

Workplace dissatisfaction is real, and the rise in remote work means talented employees have more options than ever before.

To avoid decreased productivity and a high employee attrition rate, you need to understand what your employees are feeling, and why.

We offer carefully crafted employee surveys in the following forms:

  • Onboarding surveys: Find out what can be improved in your onboarding process.
  • Satisfaction surveys: Discover whether your employers are happy and engaged, and what you could be doing better.
  • Exit surveys: Get insight into why employees are choosing to leave your organisation.

Properly conducted employee surveys can improve performance and employee retention, but they can also provide insight into culture uptake, management effectiveness, and operational performance.

Employee surveys are one of a manager’s most valuable tools.

We can help you maximise their impact.

Our Research

Case Studies

How Fitness Franchise 20v Expanded Across Australia With Our HR Systems

As a startup operating in a high-risk industry, EMS training franchise 20v needed a suite of robust HR systems that protected both them and their staff.

We helped 20v maintain compliance across multiple locations through everything from onboarding procedures and employee agreements to conflict resolution.

Build great HR from the ground up.