Common problems when recruiting and how to overcome them


The recruitment process might sound simple… find someone and give them a job, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Whether you decide to recruit someone internally or externally, there will always be common issues that arise in the process. The best way to deal these is to establish all scenarios where something could go wrong and develop a plan to overcome them.

HR plan and Policy

Ensuring that your HR plan and policy is developed is where every organisation should start. Reviewing and refreshing your recruitment policies and procedures can be one of those things that always sit at the bottom of your priorities list. Before recruiting someone new, you must get on to this as modifying recruitment budgets, improving processes based on internal experience of usability and outcomes and improving the implementation of the processes will make your life much easier!

Inaccurate job description

Having an inaccurate job description is only going to attract the wrong candidates for the role. I don’t know about you but sifting through potentially hundreds of resumes and not finding one person suitable is definitely not how I like spending my time! If you are recruiting internally, speak to management, team leaders, employees and everyone else involved in the process to confirm all of the tasks, responsibilities and experience/qualifications required for the role are correct. Same goes for you External recruiters, however these conversations will be with your client.

Time delays

No matter what field you work in, time delays will always be an issue at some time or another. In the world of recruitment, getting permission from different levels to go forward with hiring someone can be a real pain! Sometimes there isn’t much you can do to speed this up but approaching management with an agenda and reasoning will give you a head start. Provide them with a strong reason as to why you need someone, when you need them by and why it will benefit the company. Another approach would be to discuss the negative effects the company will have if they don’t hire someone for the position.

Poor management of reading application forms, getting reference checks done and issuing employment contracts is another common problem which brings me to my next point;

Insufficient personnel to handle the process or not trained correctly

Without enough personnel or untrained employees involved in the process, you or your team may be swamped with hundreds of applicants and admin with not enough time in the day. Smaller businesses don’t always have an internal HR Manager and may ask another employee to conduct the process. These people will not be trained in the area and will struggle to handle the job required from them. Not only that, it will mean taking them away from their normal duties, costing them valuable time. This is where you have the option of either bring in an external recruiter or providing your staff with some training.

Poor use of technology

Technology is constantly updating and providing us with so many amazing tools, it would be a waste not to use them or to use them incorrectly. Did you know that Seek gives you access to over 2.9 BILLION people across the world!? Now that just proves my first point, using online job boards is a must! LinkedIn is another extremely powerful tool. Having the ability to network with people across your industry will give you access to candidates you never thought you would find.

I hope that this bit of light reading has given you some insight into a few of the common problems you may cross when recruiting and how to avoid them in the future! 


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