Expanding Roles and Transforming Recruitment

Find out how we helped fitness startup 20v succeed.

Industry: Fitness

Company Size: 20+ employees

Locations: Melbourne & the Gold Coast

Services Rendered:

  • Recruitment
  • Talent database expansion
  • HR policy development
  • Employee agreements
  • Conflict resolution policies

8 roles placed in 18 months

Company Overview

20v are an Australian fitness franchise based in Melbourne. 

They focus on delivering a unique exercise experience through EMS training, which uses electrical pulses to stimulate muscular contractions. 

Since their first studio opened in Tullamarine, Victoria, in 2020, they have expanded to an additional two locations in Prahran and on the Gold Coast.

What Was Wrong

As a startup aiming for rapid growth, 20v required robust HR systems and policies that aligned with their organisational goals. 

They also needed experienced, qualified staff who could deliver excellent customer experiences in their Prahran and Gold Coast locations.

Always finding the best candidate for the position! Friendly and Professional!

Byron Kruger

What We Did

HR Policies and Procedures

Successful startups depend on their people.

20v’s suite of HR policies and procedures had to protect both the company and its staff, while still being flexible enough to permit fast and simple employee onboarding. 

The nature of their vertical also informed policy development – with staff operating machinery in an environment physically close to both customers and each other, robust behavioural and health and safety policies were paramount.

As a result, we created [x] policies for the company that covered everything from conflict resolution to leave.

Talent Acquisition

We have also played a key role in helping 20v find and retain the right people.  Over 18 months, we filled eight different positions, from marketing staff and management to the organisation’s current CEO, who we brought over from Australian health club chain Goodlife.

In order to accommodate 20v’s ongoing expansion, we’ve worked with the organisation’s decision-makers to establish a five-year recruitment plan.  This process has included establishing a database of suitable talent across specific fields and locations, who can then be quickly contacted as a need for new staff arises.  

20v have been using HR Solutions since it's existence and I can say that the team have over exceeded my expectations. Having their specialised skills and resources to support our business has simplified our processes, lightened up our workload, taken away many stresses and have found us many great employees. I highly recommend HR Solutions for all your HR needs!

Ed Delahenty

The Result

Retaining our HR and talent acquisition services has helped 20v successfully develop from a small, single-location startup to a national franchise. 

Our understanding of startup needs enabled us to deliver HR policies and procedures that balanced compliance with growth potential; similarly, the use of our Talent Spotlight during the recruiting process helped free up resources better deployed elsewhere in the organisation.

Ultimately, though, 20v believe that our head-hunting and recruitment experience have had the most impact on their success.  We brought on all management-level staff, including the current CEO, and having the right people on board has allowed 20v to accelerate their business performance in a truly exceptional way.

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